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Customer Service

Phone Number:914-502-3000
Email Address:support@d1scout.com
Online Help:http://support.d1scout.com

What are the prices?

For the prices of purchasing a D1Scout website, please click here to view our pricing calculator. You can calculate the cost and also get per user information based on the different service levels.

How do I purchase a new team?

To purchase a new team, log in at the D1Scout homepage and click the button on the left menu that says purchase new team which will give you the ability to add an additional team or teams to your site.

I have purchased an organization site and I have more than ten teams in my organization. Do I put the number of teams that I have while filling out the site setup, or I put the amount of extra teams that I will need (since D1Scout gives you 10 Team sites with an organization purchase)?

In the space provided, put the amount of sites that you will need. Our software will only charge you extra for the amount of sites that you go over ten.

Can my players fill out their own information and bio pages?

No. For security reasons, we only allow coaches to make additions or changes to the player bio information changes to the website. You can have your players fill out a Players registration form on your team site to get all the latest info from all your players. Once they have submitted the form you can then approve or reject them and also add them to a roster for any team they make or qualify for during try outs. You can also assign this task to an assistant coach or manager in the user management section in the D1Scout main site administration.

How do I get pictures and video clips onto my computer to put on my D1Scout website?

To put pictures on your computer for use on the D1Scout website you will either have to use a digital camera that allows for computer uploads, or you will have to use a scanner to scan the pictures onto your computer. To put video clips onto your computer, you will need to have a digital video recorder that will allow you to put the clips you have recorded onto your computer.

I accidentally chose the wrong sport, what do I do?

All that you have to do is click the back button on your web browser until you are back at the first setup page. Then select the correct sport. If you are already finished with the setup process when you have realized the mistake, simply click the site admin button on the left hand menu. Next, click the template, team & site name button, and select the correct sport.

I am interested in purchasing a site, but my sport is not available, what do I do?

If you would like a D1Scout website but we do not currently carry your sport, please email us at info@d1scout.com and we will contact you to inform you if we can add your sport or not.

If my home computer crashes, will that crash my team's website?

No. We at D1Scout store all of your websites information on our servers, so if you have a home computer crash you will not lose any of the information on your D1Scout website. You can access the information on your D1Scout website from anywhere in the world where you have access to a computer that is connected to the Internet.

Do I have to go to the D1Scout homepage and login in order to fill out my team's information?

If you have purchased a team site you will not have to. You will be able to edit your entire site from the admin section located on your webpage. However, if you have purchased an Organization site you will have to go to the D1Scout homepage to add your additional teams (we only have you input one team during the registration process). Once you are logged in, click manage my teams on the left menu. Then add teams form the wizard like Varsity , Jr Varsity or 16U, 14U or name based teams like Elite etc... Once you have added all the sub teams of your organization you will be able to access and change all other aspects of your D1Scout website from the team site administration page.

I cannot upload my photos onto my webpage, what is the problem?

The D1Scout website will only allow you to upload a jpeg or PNG image onto the site. If you cannot upload an image, it means that it is saved in another format. You will have to go to your photo editing program, which will allow you to convert the image from its current format to a jpeg or PNG. Once it is converted to a jpeg or PNG, the image will upload to your website.

My teams' mascot is not available for selection, what can I do to have it put on there?

The only mascots that we offer can be used on our D1Scout banner builder. If you would like your mascot put on your banner, click here to purchase a custom banner. or you can select "none" and use the team name and sport only. You can then check back from time to time to see if we have added your mascot to our selection engine on the D1Scout administration page. We add new mascots regularly.

How do I purchase a custom website?

To purchase a custom website, please contact us at Info@d1scout.com and we will discuss what you would like for your website.